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Working for Social Economic Empowerment
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Minorities Business Development Center, offers numerous benefits to minority communities. These benefits include social economic empowerment, job creation, networking and collaboration, access to finance, skill development and training, incubator support for startups, and a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Minorities Business Development Center provides resources, training, and mentorship to minority-owned businesses, enhancing their business skills, access to capital, market opportunities, and overall competitiveness. Job creation leads to increased job prospects, reduced unemployment rates, and improved economic stability. The center also fosters networking and collaboration among minority entrepreneurs, fostering knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and mutually beneficial alliances.

Access to capital is a significant challenge faced by minority entrepreneurs, but the development center can help by connecting them with funding sources, providing guidance on funding applications, and offering specialized training programs. The Incubation Center for Startups provides a supportive environment for aspiring minority entrepreneurs, offering guidance, feedback, and access to a broader ecosystem of investors and industry experts. Overall, a Minorities Development Center fosters a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, promoting diversity, inclusion, and equal representation within the business community.

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The vision of the Minorities Business Development Center in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is to create a vibrant and inclusive business environment where minority entrepreneurs are not only supported but also celebrated for their contributions to the local economy. We aspire to see a future in which minority-owned businesses in KP are thriving, innovative, and recognized as key drivers of economic prosperity, while fostering a diverse and harmonious society that values and leverages the strengths of its multicultural communities.


The mission of the Minorities Business Development Center in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) is to empower and uplift minority entrepreneurs and businesses through tailored support, resources, and advocacy, fostering economic growth, social inclusion, and diversity in the region. We are committed to providing comprehensive assistance, training, and access to opportunities that enable minority-owned businesses to thrive, while promoting a more inclusive and equitable business ecosystem in KP.


The goal of the Minorities Business Development Center in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is to foster the growth, social economic empowerment, sustainability, and success of minority-owned businesses throughout the region.

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