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Vast Experience with IRC, Acted Pakistan, Helvetas Pakistan, Help-Age International, UNESCO, Auqaf Dept. KP, Culture Dept. KP, Pakistan Air Force, HIVE Pakistan and Peace - Interfaith Harmony Projects
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About SUBHASH Educational Complex

SUBHASH Educational Complex / Consultancy Services (SEC) is the ultimate career spot offering a variety of career-oriented programs and opportunities in Peshawar which has been functioning since 2008. Apparently, establishing a good educational institution is an uphill task.

SEC has vast experience in managing developmental activities, assignments, and project services for aid agencies, governments, and private organizations. Clients include: International Rescue Committee, Acted Pakistan, IRG-USAID, Help-Age International, UNESCO, Helvetas Pakistan, DEMO British Council & Meta, Middlesex University-USIP, AUQAF Department, Tourism Department, Directorate of Culture, Al-Khidmat Hospital, Sapphire IT Solutions, Skill Development Council, Frontier Corps, HIVE Pakistan, Khawandokor & NBDP-SMEDA. We are registered with FBR, KPRA, and the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

We have a policy of continuous evaluation and feedback for both students and teachers. To meet the standard of quality education, top academicians, teachers, educationists, and specialists will have direct interaction with the students.

VISION: To train youth technically, economically, and intellectually.

Important News

Admissions Open in 1 Year Diploma Programs - Skills for Decent Work Project - Minorities Business Development Center - Entrepreneurial Mindset Training

Message from CEO

At SUBHASH Educational Complex, we are delighted to welcome students into an environment dedicated to nurturing youth potential and shaping a future characterized by innovation, empowerment, and enterprise. As the CEO of SUBHASH Educational Complex, I am proud to lead an organization committed to empowering future leaders through the provision of cutting-edge tools and knowledge. Our holistic approach extends beyond academic excellence to instill values of integrity, resilience, social responsibility, and collaboration. We actively engage with industry leaders, government bodies, and non-profit organizations to ensure our students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. With a focus on fostering a culture of excellence, SUBHASH Educational Complex stands as a beacon for those aspiring to achieve their full potential and make meaningful contributions to society

Our Team

Mr. Shakeel Chander

Chief Patron

Mr. Subhash Chander


Mr. Ali Asghar

Consultant IT Solutions
MS Information Technology

Ms. Malalai Akhtari

Consultant Peace & Interfaith Harmony

Mr. Zubair Khan

Consultant Training & Development

Currently Projects

Training & Development

Ongoing Projects

  1. Skills for Decent Employment – Funded by Helvetas Pakistan
  2. Minorities Business Development Center – Project: Community Innovation Lab – Funded by HIVE Pakistan
  3. Enterprise Challenge Pakistan – Funded by Prince Trust International – Implemented by SEED
  4. Business Planning & Management Training – USAID-ERDA – TiE Pakistan

Peace & Interfaith Harmony Projects

  1. Voice of Minorities Season 1 – 2017 
  2. Voice of Minorities Season 2 – 2018
  3. Voice of Minorities 3 Special Edition – 2019
  4. Ek Shaam Interfaith Harmony Kay Naam
  5. Voice of Minorities Season 4 – 2021
  6. Peace through Mobile Journalism
  7. Celebration of Religious Festivals
  8. Lobby Sessions with Govt. Stakeholders
  9. Peace Wall at University of Peshawar
  10. Awareness Campaign to promote Peace

Minorties Business Development Center

The goal of the Minorities Business Development Center in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is to foster the growth, social economic empowerment, sustainability, and success of minority-owned businesses throughout the region.


1. To strengthen social economic empowerment of Minorities

2. To foster inclusivity and diversity within the business ecosystem

3. To work towards the long-term sustainability of minority-owned businesses

Our Clients & Partners

Success Stories

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